Good Day Dear Ones,  with so much information out there, no wonder some of us are so confused. who is telling the truth? who really knows what they are talking about? where do these people get this stuff from etc. etc. etc. all I can say is, if it doesn’t resonate with you then move on. go read or research something or someone else. its really that simple!

however when something does click and if you are anything like me you will want to at least share something that gave you an aha moment with someone else, right? well that is exactly what my morning message did for me. even though these are not my words but Julia’s I so resonate with them. maybe you will see what I am saying once you read it to.

written by: energy healing artist – Julia Watkins


Five Signs You Are About To Undergo A Major Spiritual Transformation

If you are feeling strangely out-of-sorts it may mean your spiritual awakening is about to go into overdrive.

Awakening spiritually can be an exciting time where you quickly evolve into a completely different and much better person. Some say it feels like their old self has been completely consumed. But it can also be a confusing time for those who don’t know what to expect.

Fear of these things will of course stop the awakening.  To avoid this, read about the major signs and symptoms below and prepare yourself for the most profound experience of your life.


1.  Power Dreams & Visions. Your dreams have become so strong they are like visions, or actually are visions. You may also see objects, shapes or lights just when you close your eyes. You wake up and feel like you need to remember a specific dream … that it is very important. Mermaid Power Dream pendant facilitates and enhances the power dreams of its wearer.  Helps you control your dreams and focuses powers that allow you to  spiritually transform from your dreams.



2.  Changed Sight Perspective.  Sometimes, what you look at seems to warp or not be solid. You see energy patterns, glittery particles or auras surround living things. Everything seems to be alive and give you energy.  You feel more energized joy in your life.  Dragon Fairy Elemental Energies Pendant. Wearing it helps you connect with the powerful metaphysical energies of joy and life, making it easier to spiritually transform



3.  Energized But Peaceful Feeling.  While you may feel excited or have experienced a profound insight, you also feel more at peace with the world around you and your past. You feel a sense of oneness and more connected to animals, plants and people. It seems like you can let things go more easily and things that used to bother you may now seem trivial. Buddha Deep Serenity Energy Pendant.  Wearing it helps you connect with the inner ocean of tranquility and peace where all things are one, furthering your spiritual awakening.


4.  Strange Relationship Coincidences.  Spirit guides, helpers and teachers will gravitate to you during this time. People from your past may suddenly reappear, often trying to clear up issues you had with them in the past. People may even say very profound things to you that seem out of character for them, and that they may not later remember.
Heart Spirit Guide Energy Pendant. Provides strength, courage and guidance helping you complete your spiritual awaking.  


5.  Clear Purpose.  You have begun to realize what your path is … why you came to earth and what you must do. You find you can physically manifest your thoughts and intentions much more quickly. You are starting to understand why things have happened the way they have to lead you to this exact point in time.Star Child Awakening Pendant.  Wearing it helps you discover your true purpose for being here, bringing definition and clarity to your spiritual awakening.

Don’t Let Your Spiritual Awakening Falter!

At this time, to ensure that your spiritual awakening ( a major shift and transformation in your life) occurs, it is very important you hold closely the thoughts, feelings and energies you are experiencing. It may be a long time before you get to this point again, or it may be that the stars never align in this way again.  Be very careful of the negative energies you come into contact with during this period so that the awakening can take hold.  Julia’s energy images and jewelry can help you hold close those things which will ensure you complete your awakening.


sure hope this touches someone. also included is her website so you too can follow her, if you so choose to do so and her most inspiring jewelry. Julia is such an inspiration to me. I am truly grateful our paths have crossed. she shared a story about forgiveness a little while ago that so touched my heart. I am Faye and it was a pleasure sharing this message.  in love and peace……










































You Are So Beautiful…………

Good Day dear ones,

today I woke up in a most peculiar mood. wandering ‘what is going on’ why do I feel this way? it was like being out of sorts or something. I am aware of all the energy bombarding our planet at this time, only it wasn’t so easy to get my bearings. most times my strange n peculiar experiences are short lived and I bounce right back to, I guess being here!

even though I am unable to put my finger on, what exactly happened. I must confess it was a strange sensation. to try and describe it one might say, its like being here but not really here. which really shouldn’t be all that strange due to the fact that we know we are being transformed from dense beings to crystalline ones. whatever that means. ok I do know what that means. its like the butterfly. you know the metamorphoses. did I spell that right? we are all right Now in this very moment going thru a transmutation. we are transiting back to Who we really are. Light Beings.

now when I think back a few years, I remember reading a channeled message, I believe it was from Archangel Michael, which I shared with others, about this very thing. we were told this started around dec-21-2012. so my question is, why are we so surprised or shocked about these strange things we are in fact experiencing, even though we were told about them?  it seems to me, we meaning all of us reading this blog, may need to work on being more aware of what is going on around us.  

its not like we do not know what is going to happen. actually we only need to remember! so how on earth, no pun intended, do we in fact Remember? glad you asked………. simply put: It Is Time! so please examine your every thought, know what you are focusing on. pay attention to your own actions, like am I still resisting, responding and reacting. am I being kind and compassionate? these are things we all need to work on. only naming a few. also to help, a list to think about:

It’s Time for Unconditional Love and also Loving ourselves Unconditionally

It’s Time to Wake-Up and Be the Change We Desire.

It’s Time to Let Go of those Things that no longer serve our Highest Good.

It’s Time for Courage by standing up for what we Believe In.

It’s Time to Be Still and Quiet, learn and practice how to spend time alone with You.

It’s Time to be our Brother’s Keeper and to Give what we Desire to Receive.

sure hope someone will be inspired by these words that have been shared.  Hope that you know just how beautiful you are. Show your beauty whatever that may be because the whole world is waiting to see, You! leave a comment if you feel the desire to do so and if not, thanks for reading and y’all come back now, here…….









Let’s Fall in Love……..

while taking my morning walk I was pondering on the thought about, how many of us are in fact In Love? it’s well noted that yes, many of us in this lifetime will indeed fall in Love with someone at sometime. how wonderful and fulfilling, such a Blessing. of course we will have our good days and our not so good ones, because obviously each of us will bring our excess baggage along for the ride, among other things. which for some will be the demise of such a special relationship. and, or the person(s) have learned their lesson(s) from one another, and are now ready to move forward.

please read my blog from yesterday to shed some light on this: Who Do You Think You Are?

as for others, they will continue to work together to keep their bond. and it really doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship with another man or another woman! we were taught thousands of years ago ” To Love One Another” Period. So It Is!

the reason so many of us experience so many issues within our relationships is mostly because we are Loving conditionally. our lesson in this lifetime is to Love Unconditionally. and we are sure some will ask: how on earth can we Love each other unconditionally, when are lives are so full of lies, so many of us are treated badly, and not many needs are being met, who can be trusted, just to name a few unloving things.  where is the Love in that? and yes these are important issues. I am so glad you asked.

the main reason for any of us not being able to Love others unconditionally, is because we do not Love ourselves! you may think n feel this is a strange or odd statement but its not. just go look in the mirror and ask yourself; Do I Love Myself? be true to who you are. do you take the very best care of yourself or indulge with whatever tickles your fancy? have you done any research lately about what is for your highest good and the highest good of all other’s? do you know in fact that  we are our brother’s keeper?  believe it or not we are. these and many other questions will help open ourselves up to some of the hidden blockages we may not be aware of, keeping us from truly Loving oneself! the needs are many this is true but how can one care for others when one does not take care of self? we must learn to Love ourselves if we plan to make a difference.

yes it’s deep and personal and what’s being said is only scratching the surface. we need to wake up and do what we must do. meaning the more of us who are Consciously Loving Unconditionally the sooner we can go home! which Going Home is another topic for another day. so let’s make this moment about YOU! take a step forward, grab it, honor it, admit it, and Become who you were created to Be! LOVE. everything starts with YOU! the proof is in the pudding as the saying goes. if one is not Loving unconditionally its because we are not Loving ourselves first and foremost……….

so dear ones go ahead ask the question: DO I LOVE MYSELF? then go look in the mirror and say to yourself ‘I LOVE YOU’  Hug yourself. Laugh. Get to know the real you. what do you desire? follow these with positive affirmations. Stop and I say again Stop saying I want because that will only create more wanting. remember this ok, we are responsible for the experiences we experience because we are the ones creating them.

start today, start right now. here are a few positive affirmations to begin:


I Am Peace

I Am Joy

I Am Abundance

I Am Healthy

say them daily. believe them when you say them. make up your own according to your desires. take one step at a time, just do something………….




something to share……

while shopping yesterday at a crystal n book store, buying incense, a message jumped out at me hanging on the wall. stated that all used books were $2.00. thinking you never know what one may find, I decided to venture into the used book room. my daughter-in-law Kris was with me and joined me as we went together. we looked thru just about all the books in that room, soon finding a book to help on my spiritual journey. however it felt as though there was more to find. so we kept going thru the shelves and piles of stacked materials, until I came across something to share……..

written by; Bill Guggenheim, coauthor of Hello From Heaven.

Who Do You Think You Are?

when you were born, you entered this world with partial amnesia-these reminders will make your life happier, easier, and more fulfilling.

  1. you are an eternal soul (a Being of Light), who lives primarily in the spirit world. you chose your current lifetime in physical reality aboard Spaceship Earth-as a student enrolled in “The Human Experience”-to achieve spiritual growth in a universe of duality.
  2. you carefully selected your gender, race, color, nationality, culture, religion, talent, education, occupation, economic and social status, health, and other personal characteristics. all of your choices will provide lessons you will learn-and lessons you will teach.
  3. you picked out your physical body- the “Earth suit” you’re wearing-to function in this space-time dimension. one day it will stop working (it will die), and you will continue to exist.
  4. you mutually chose your primary relationships: parents and grandparents; siblings, marital partners, biological and adopted children, and pets (if any); friends and enemies; and many more. be aware that every person and every experience is your teacher.
  5. you came here to learn how to love (accept) every person unconditionally. to master this ultimate lesson, treat everyone with loving kindness, including yourself.
  6. to assure abundance: be humble-serve others lovingly-express gratitude often-be understanding, compassionate, and forgiving-acquire serenity, courage, and wisdom-nurture others and yourself-laugh freely-always do your best-and celebrate life joyfully.
  7. learn to tune into, trust, and act upon your intuition. it offers clarity, insight, and practical guidance for all situations, and it will empower you to make your best choices.
  8. if you can’t recall your purpose (form of service, passion) in life, pray and it will be revealed. of course you have free will and can choose any lifestyle you’re able to create.
  9. to increase your awareness, meditate daily and listen to the “still small voice within” this will broaden your spirituality and deepen your relationship with the Source.
  10. you will receive everything you need for your spiritual growth-but not necessarily what you want. your soul plan and consciousness determine the experiences, people, and things you will attract. do not judge others-you don’t know what they came here to learn.
  11. like the leaves on a huge tree, all people are connected to each other and are a part of the Source. do everything you can to relieve suffering. inspire healing, harmony, and unity.
  12. when your physical body dies (when you graduate), you will bring with you all the love and kindness you have shared, your memories, and the lessons you have learned.
  13. after your transition, you will have a life review. you will relive every thought, feeling, word, and action of your entire lifetime-and experience how they affected everyone else.
  14. remember: you are a Being of Light (an immortal Spirit). you enrolled in ” The Human Experience” to learn kindness, compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude, peace, wisdom, etc. eventually your physical body will die, and you will return to heaven. there you will have joyous reunions with all your deceased loved ones, who will be looking forward to your arrival.
  15. love one another. serve on another. honor the Source. life and love are eternal.






The Ripple Effect……………

Good day dear ones. lets talk about all the things we are thankful for.  not to mention those things we are not thankful for. Because the list is infinite we will mention a few.

sometimes some things just don’t seem to deserve a thank you very much. however that is exactly how its suppose to be. in all things give thanks. that is what we have been told and taught thru the ages, but somehow along our paths we decided that what ever does not agree with us does not deserve being thankful for.

we must understand no one is the cause or blame for what we experience. remembering everything happens for a reason.  which seems to me to be a set-up if I may say. although we are not in the dark, well at least not a 100%. one must remember why we are here. to experience the human part of our existence. just for the record there are 7 billion of us on Planet Earth but there are millions who wanted to come. even though there is really only one of us.

we are simply experiencing everything at the same time. that is the simplest way to explain what we are all experiencing. so how is it that we are so ungrateful toward one another? is it possible we have forgotten who we are? I think some of us have. how do we remedy our ugly behavior toward each other? by being thankful to and for each and every act given us no matter how it makes us feel. no questions asked. by just doing this you have changed the course of your personal journey tremendously. Just try it for a day or so or even a week and we promise you will notice. but that’s not the only change you will notice. the way you feel about others will bless you and them in such a way you will have to share your experience with others and so will they.

then the ripple effect will take place and before we know it loving one another will have spread like wild fire. all the sudden it really doesn’t matter what someone says or how they act. now don’t misunderstand, do not allow anyone at any time to mistreat you or your loved ones. no one has the right to harm another no matter their reason. remember we all have free-will and if someone chooses to act like a nut its their choice. one might need to crack a shell every now and then but with Love. that’s one reason we have prisons, I’m just saying.

there is always a way to do things differently. so why not be the one in your circle to instigate the changes you desire by walking the walk and not just talking the talk.




I’m Awake Now!

good morning loved ones. we are the peaceful warriors upon our Planet Earth…….. we come today in hopes of spreading some HOPE!

in this year 2014 we have been told by SOURCE with understanding by our intuition we are now ALL AWAKE! maybe you do not understand what that means. or maybe you do but don’t have any idea how to explain it. some on the other hand know they are AWAKE and  are helping others awaken as well. does it really matter the, where are you in this awesome transforming process? we say not at all. no one will be left behind we know this for sure. the difference(s) is we are all ascending differently but All ascending never the less.

there is no more ‘Normal’ or ‘ Things as Usual’  it has ALL shifted. as we are being changed from dense beings to crystalline beings, energy is speeding up. we have noticed that ALL things done in the dark are NOW coming into the LIGHT. what does  this mean? glad you asked that question. simply put, ALL TRUTH has RISEN. even though some of us do not believe in reincarnation or parallel lives does not once again mean it is not so. our reason for making that statement is because ALL of our life times are coming forth thru the us we are now. you say it doesn’t make any sense and for some this is true but only for a little while longer we assure you. just keep the FAITH for ALL will be and is being revealed to ALL of us right now.

now do not get your feathers all ruffled. we must remember we are no longer in the 25,000 year cycle of the Piscean Age which consisted of technology and information, but are NOW in The GOLDEN AGE another 25,000 year cycle which consist of Intuition, Ascension among many other exciting experiences. its called The Aquarian Age!  with everyone NOW being AWAKE we will become who we are no matter what you may feel, think, read, see or share. I’m just saying………………

let’s welcome in this most exciting and wonderful time together. after all we have it on excellent authority the human experiment was a success! start by saying positive AFFIRMATIONS; I am Love, I am Peace, I am Joy, I am Abundant etc. be what you desire. just start NOW! just DO SOMETHING!




Permission Granted…………..

Good morning Dear Ones, this is Faye from the Peaceful Warriors on Planet Earth……….. today we wanted to share something in hopes of Inspiring you.

 do you ever feel like something’s missing? maybe you have asked the Universe for something specific but it just doesn’t seem to want to show up. maybe you beg or plead or bargain or simply pray nonstop in hopes something will manifest soon, and still nothing! after all we were taught to ask and we shall receive right, so what’s the hold up?

have you ever thought that just maybe you have already received your request only you don’t know it, yet! this is exactly what is going on with us. now mind you things do manifest, all the time but most often not like we expect them too or even when.

it seems we are waiting for permission to be granted unto us to live our lives the way they were meant to be lived. why is that? is it possible those things we desire are received except they are not on the outside of ourselves but within us! you know those things that are not spoken about in the news headlines or newspapers. they are compassion, peace, unconditional love, joy, happiness and healing to name a few.

all those wonderful feelings we think we are waiting to be released from somewhere or something or even someone. they will not be found outside of ourselves, in our outer world. but inside of us where we really are. we only need to give whatsoever we desire Permission to be released! that being said: let’s open the floodgates of our Divine Plenty. spread the love ya’ll because so many of us need it.


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